mandatory retirement bill fails seniors

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Young boys are prone to the embarrassing affects of certain products. Which cause defects while growing, abnormally small penises, and large breasts. What is society doing? Why can we not simply live without scented products? Why do we not all take responsibility for this planet and begin to dismantle the things we can live without, and work on improving things we need.

kanken mini Didn anyone check out the BC election donors list? Maybe they did? Didn anyone from the law firm clue in that maybe the perception of conflict would be enough to make them ineligible. Apparently they have been donating to the liberals since 2001. Who in the AG office decided which firm to use? Did donations to the liberals influence the decisions? How come no one in the opposition checked the list of donors to the liberals and to Heed campaign and the special prosecutor conscience saved us?. kanken mini

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