Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

These last few weeks have been caught up in dishcloth fever. The vector of infection was Allison, who joined the Potholder Swap, became a Happy Hooker and whipped up some stunning samples.  Like these here:


I’ve spent a lifetime dissing the dishcloths. Peaches n’ Creme my stash? No way. But now I find myself with no time for Just Jared because I am spending all my nonFacebook time with “Dishcloth Weekly Knitalong”  on Ravelry.  Whodathunkit?

Profoundly inspired by the Linoleum Dishcloth that Lynn recently excavated from Mason Dixon blog, the knitting women decided to have our own Dishcloth Swap this weekend, our very own Mother’s Day Dishcloth Love-In Extravaganza, hosted by Ana in her giant back yard.

Sharing the love, and the pattern links:


Here are two fine examples of Lizard Ridge, available as Rav downloads. This is a ridiculous amount of knitting for something you use to clean, but it gives you a good workout for perfecting your w&t stitches.

Because that Peaches ‘n Creme stuff is relatively inexpensive, you end up buying a whole lot of it and you never really seem to come to the end of a skein no matter how many you make. After this trio, I still have quite a lot of red and white left over:


The only one that is an actual pattern is the one in the upper right hand corner, called Clover Tweed.  The patterns for the rest came to me in a dream.