thinking_about_knitting_button-p145392460736898609tmn2_210Since I’ve been in this knitting slump I’ve been thinking about knitting constantly. Isn’t that always the way, when you are not doing something, you are thinking about it all the time?  When I am on a diet I think constantly about a tuna sandwich my Aunt Genevieve made for me in 1976, possibly the finest tuna sandwich I ever had in my entire life, with a side of potato salad and a cold glass of milk.  This is like 32 million points on Weight Watchers.

Imagining things to knit has now overtaken the thing I really used to think about constantly – not the tuna sandwich, but Hoboken real estate.  I could spend all day imagining the inside of some of the houses on my walks around town as I do my errands on Saturday mornings, and imagining how I would redo them.

This Saturday, I was on my way home from the library and I had to stop and sit on a stranger’s stoop to compile this list of  Things To Knit When You Are In A Knitting Slump. I used my nice new phone to make the list.

  • Thuje Socks: an easy sock pattern just a little to the left of straight stockinette stitch, but nothing involving counting or a cable needle.
  • Irish Hiking Scarf: some may need to use a cable needle, but I found this tutorial on no-cable-needle cables helpful.
  • Felted Slippers: there is almost nothing better than a long strip of garter stitch that you are going to throw in the washing machine (on purpose this time).  This is a translated from Finnish pattern and you need to read it a few times. Unless, of course, you are such an avid knitter that you have become fluent in Finnish which may be the Official Language of Knitting.
  • Marsan Watch Cap: a clever brim makes this hat fun. And all the men you know, big and small, need a hat like this.

And the big shocker: Crocheted Granny Square Afghan.  Yes, crochet. Sometimes you need to do something completely different to get back in the mood.