Oh, the dreadfulness of the  knitting slump! One minute you’re so involved with a project you are going to work with a cable needle stuck behind your ear and the next minute, well, you are still walking around with a cable needle stuck behind your ear but no project.

It’s not like I’m knitting nothing.  I am knitting a scarf and some mittens, to replace some every day wear things that got lost or shrunken over the winter –  the equivalent of making a giant pot of stew and freezing it for future meals.  Useful knitting. I even found myself thinking this would be a good time to make some dishcloths since the ones we have are a little worn. Or maybe a crocheted potholder!

It’s a low time indeed.

I got an iPhone for my birthday and now I’m ready to learn about the big world of “Apps” that I done heard about, but you might be surprised to learn there are not a whole helluva lot of knitting apps out there. Vogue Knitting has one but I stopped buying Vogue Knitting a long time ago because their patterns are not well edited, and only sized for social x-rays.

This Stitchminder app looks good, but I am not sure how I would be able to knit a row, then get up and find my purse and dig around for the  phone, turn it on, go to the application and then note that I completed one row.   That seems like it would slow the knitting down considerably.  Pass.

I am thinking about getting this Ewe Stash app because of the stash sorting capabilities.  Plus you could take pictures of the yarn with the phone, then load them up on this application, and then you would be able to look at the yarn, say, on your commute or during dull meetings.  By “you” of course I mean “me”.

I’m feeling a little more invigorated already!