purl front Over the past few years, I’ve dragged some of you readers to the World’s Smallest Most  Crowded  Overwhelming Overheated Yarn Store.

“Come on!” I cry.  “I just have to pick up one little thing!  Won’t take a minute!” And then I pull out my portable Japanese subway stuffer and stuff you into the store, and leave you in there for about 40 minutes, while I stare silently at a skein of yarn and then leave without buying anything.

You’ve been there, right?

Happily, for you anyway, that store has moved and I went there on Sunday to have a peek.  It’s a vast improvement.  For one thing, its a bigger space and a better designed store.  A salesperson (a friendly salesperson, how’s that for a hoot at that store) told me they had not purchased any new stock, but now they were able to display all they had on the shelves and there was plenty of space to browse their excellent selection of books and magazines.  A funny thing about that store: at the old location, I almost always burst into flames because of the lack of air circulation, but now they have ceiling fans and open windows.  Plus if your keister is bigger than a size 6, you don’t have to worry about knocking down yarn junk with your trunk when you turn around.

After staring at it for a long time, I did buy some very beautiful blue Spud and Chloe Superwash/Silk for a pair of socks, or maybe a scarf.  The color is so pretty, I took a skein of it to work with me today just to put on top the other thing I stare at for long periods of time, the in-box on my desk.  Did it help me get any work done? What do you think?