It’s that time of year again, where new babies are just exploding out into the world. We had two new babies at work in just this last month, requiring some immediate knitting.

Here is one wearing a time tested classic, the Top Down Baby Bonnet, sans Anime creature:

ella w

The baby in question is quite beautiful, but I urge you to look at the bind off on this hat. I did a two needle bind off in which you knit two together, then put the remainder stitch back on the left needle, and repeat.  It makes the stretchiest, evenest, loveliest  bind off.

The second new work baby doesn’t even have time to put on a hat, he was so anxious to be out in the world.  Last Friday his mom, while visiting a coworker’s home, gave birth in the coworker’s bathtub after about 8 minutes of labor. What do you knit for ababy like that?

I think you knit for the coworker.