I’m the primary laundress in this house.  On good days, I don’t mind it – I like to fold clothes but I get bored when it comes to putting them away. I like to match socks.  I also go through pockets and remove all the stuff – pens, guitar picks, those little flash drives and money, put it in nice piles and return it to the laundered.

But no more. Oh, I’ll still give back the scrunchies and the mechanical pencils, but I’m keeping the cash, and converting it into yarn.  I’m keeping a tally there on the right hand side of this blog.

Already though I am in the hole on this deal.  Each year I eagerly await Knitting Nation’s very excellent winter sale, and it is this weekend.  Are you with me, knitting sisters? I’m going to take an advance on the laundry money.  Certainly I will be able to make up the difference over a few weeks by throwing in an extra load or two a week.  I get yarn, you get clean pants.

Everybody wins.