A whole week into the New Year and for the first time ever, I have kept a resolution past January 2nd.  Not only have I cast on 4 new projects, and spent cold hard plastic in a yarn store,  I’ve already ripped out two projects due to serious gauge derailments.  There is way to much to be done this year to waste time on funky gauge!

I kept a giant, Christo like wrap and a Debbie Bliss sweater with crazy cables and bobbles, both selected for the serious amount of repetitive knitting that is best accomplished at the start of a new TV season.  If course, there are no pictures yet but I did wear the half finished wrap today out in the cold.  Another big step in 2010: who says it has to be finished before you wear it?

This week brings the return of Project Runway, and I hope at last they’ve seriously considered adding a few knitting challenges to their lineup.  The last season was so dull, an hour or so of watching someone knit, say, stockinette would only liven it up. I’ve decided to cast on some hip and happenin’ fingerless mitts to work on during PR, either these or these.   (Sorry for the Rav links – what, you still haven’t joined Ravelry? You don’t need to be a knitter, go ahead, be the guest).  I’ll also be pretending not to watch Big Love, even though I couldn’t find any patterns for Mormon ritual undergarments on Ravelry.

franknfurter Today, though, brought the premiere of the anticipated-since-I -learned-about-it-yesterday “Return to Cranford”.  I loved           the  original Cranford, and I’ve read the book many times. In fact, you can read it right now if you’ve got a few days. From what I  c an tell, some of the original story remains.There’s an odd bit of casting with Tim Curry playing one of the characters. Do you think he invites Miss Matty Jenkins up to the lab to see what’s on the slab?

I taped it to watch later, but the thought of a new Cranford series makes me shiver with antici-