This rainy Saturday found me perched on a hard metal chair at our local museum, knitting away and eagerly anticipating a lecture on Knitting in the Civil War. What I learned: there is nothing like attending a lecture about the history and culture of knitting  to make you want to run home and violently unravel every project in your project basket .

I was hoping for a slideshow with some ruffly sontags or homespun socks, and maybe a few sad stories of soldiers cherishing socks sent by consumptive sweethearts. And maybe an actual artifact! But after a few interesting facts (provided by an 8 year old Civil War buff and not the lecturer) the conversation took a sad slide down into the abyss of  Why Knitting is Trendy.

All of the women at my table started frothing at the mouth and screaming obscenities as this topic emerged. Why, why, why must the simple pleasure of creating warm garments for loved ones be reduced to a sociological treatise? Why do I knit? Because I believe that my knitting skills will come in handy in the post-apocalyptic society.  I knit because I can’t sing.  Because I can.

Anyhow. It was an opportunity to get a solid couple of hours of knitting done, and that extra knitting time in November is  crucial.  Hopefully I will have some pictures at the end of the week of the beautiful yarn I bought at Sheep and Wool from Persimmon Farms.