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The idea of trading lives was brought up in Age of Ultron, and it surely not a coincidence. (Black Widow: “Everyone up here versus everyone down there? There no math there.” Cap: “I not leaving this rock with one civilian on it.”). It extremely similar to the idea of not sacrificing Vision to save trillions of others, and again it Cap saying the line..

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“When I was elected, I said I would do the right thing. I was hopeful to see change in Nowata County. But now I see without support it is only continuing to create a dangerous situation. The second, which just happened, was easy on the insurance side but the repair job was not to reasonable standards and then added new issues when they “fixed” their first set of mistakes. It’s honestly not worth my time to keep returning to them so I’m just going to eat the cost to actually fix it with my regular shop. That said, if I’d paid out of my own pocket for this repair with a warranty and the warranty company deemed it “satisfactory” I’d be pissed..

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Yeah I get that, but that doesn’t mean that the sentence you typed wasn’t implying that it almost never happens at the coliseum, but happens all the time at AT And my response is me telling you that, through my own personal experience that just isn’t true. I’ve seen plenty of fucked up shit go down at both stadiums and no matter how much you hermes idem belt replica don’t want to believe that just because it doesn’t adhere to your narrative, fine. It doesn’t make it any less true though.