And I got sharpness as the last one with a lvl 4 book.JaycoDrayco 2 points submitted 2 months agoMy recommendation is to use enchanted books almost exclusively. Maybe enchant the sword/tool/armor initially but go with books pretty much the rest of the way. You get a lot farther imo.In my current survival world I got almost everything I could want or need on my sword.

I am leaning towards not getting it done. I mean, if she wants to have it done when she finds out about this then I am happy for her to, but I already know the extent of my wife infidelity. At some level, I guess it would be nice to not know. Granted it hard to see in the video since the victim is out of frame. The one shitbag runs off right away after trying to use the dropped pepper spray. The other moron seems to be still on top of the victim, but maybe he did break when he realized a gun was involved.The laws are skewed so in favor of criminals and against guns, that they are against people defending themselves.If you pull a gun, depending on where you life, that in and of itself is a crime, if you point it that another crime, if you fire a warning shot, that a crime.He will be judged because he pulled the gun and didn fire, all within arms length of 2 men who where clearly overpowering him, all it would take is one of these guys to be crazy enough to lunge for his weapon and he would of been tested in his reaction time to shoot, but once somebody lays hands on your gun, it almost impossible to operate it effectively.There is nothing done properly here, this is just a lucky situation where they backed off after they saw a gun, but a more violent criminal would of turned this into a blood bath. canadian goose jacket

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