Getting ready to frog  a project I am renaming the The Hindenburg.  Here’s what the sweater looks like:


Everything about this project hinted at disaster. The colors I picked (Hint: what rhymes with orange? Nothing.).    When I tried to carry the yarn across the back for the color work, the piece was so thick it  felt felted;  when I switched to intarsia, the piece was as lumpy as mashed potatoes.  And the pattern – was it a Kaffe Fasset inspired masterpiece, or something Liberace would wear if he was playing some lumberjack songs? Such a fine line.

The cause of the first Hindenburg explosion is a mystery, a mystery as profound as why I spent a full month on this sucker before I realized how bad it looked.  The most often sited reasons for the dirigible explosion are structural failure, St. Elmo’s Fire, static electricity, or sabotage.  You don’t need a conspiracy theorist to tell you that  “luridness” or “gauge”  and  “ill advised for an adult” as the reasons why this sweater went down like a lead balloon.