It’s not like the last few months haven’t been full of the stuff of blog fodder: festivals attended,  projects started in the car ride on the way home, projects frogged while family members look on in horror;  dinners eaten at the homes of dear friends,  dinners burned beyond recognition in my own home;  yarns purchased with delight and promise, yarns returned in shame.   Even sewing!

It’s that darned Facebook business.  And the cat videos posted  FB friends. Do I need to say anymore?

I have 433 projects in my Rav queue as of this morning, and it is fair to say I have most of them on needles somewhere in the house. I’ve given up the idea of finishing a project before starting a new one (or two new ones).  I’ve got an intarsia project going now with more loose ends than part one of the new Harry Potter movie.  I’ve got socks, a Citron shawl, a cardigan for my miniature sister in law, and when I am done with this post, starting that “not a poncho” thing that was in the last Mason Dixon blog.

I’ve finished one Citron already, a Traveling Woman, the dumbest looking hat ever, (well, dumb looking on me anyway) several free-form chapeaus for assorted children and  made good progress on a scrap afghan.  I sought and purchased the new Noro lace cashmere blend, which is as thin as sewing thread, and causes me to get a bad cramp in my yarn holding hand trying to keep tension.

While I bravely sorted through the stash and gave over 3 shopping bags of unloved yarn to deserving knitters in the tri-state area, I also bought not-quite-enough-for-any- project Brooks farm, and a lot of that skinny Noro (hey, any day now there might be a trade embargo between the US and Japan, right?).  I had a bad patch there at Purl, on a Cascade sock yarn binge and a shocking realization that I’m not too proud to shop at Lion Brand.

I wondered: if I knit in the living room and didn’t blog it, does it mean I still did the knitting?

I have a lot of blocking to do over the next few weeks, so keep your dial tuned to this channel.