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Here’s my riff on the Coquille scarf: I am not switching between needle sizes, and I’m using a worsted weight, and I’m adding a little extra ruching here and there, because ruching is the new nupps.

Yes, that Noro knits up nice but, due to an error in the first or second row, this wrap is history.  John had to hide in the bathroom while I ripped it out.  Most husbands cannot stand the sight of blood.

He did suggest that I just put an Obama sticker on the offending part and call it a design element.  I’ll save that for another time.

Next on the needles: Coquille.


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A quick peek at this damn fine Noro. It’s chilly here, and this will keep me toasty warm on the beach.

The Holy Grail of Maine yarn shopping. Somewhere also in this town, is a store that stocks Seascape yarn. Hopefully Halcyon – just saw her posing for a photo, wearing head to toe Noro – can point out the way.

Several hours later…

What did I buy? Some Noro Chirimen in beautiful ocean colors that I’ve never seen before from Noro.  This is a wool/cotton/silk yarn with all of the funky and none of the scratchy.  I am a third of the way through a wrap of my own invention and if it’s nice tomorrow I will park myself on the beach and finish it up.

I could not find the Seascapes anywhere in town, so us Seascape fans will have to wait until Rhinebeck.

Monkey Sox On The Beach

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I cast on these monkeys yesterday. I needed a surefire hit this week: something clever to knit but not too demanding, and something that would use up the miles and miles of this sherbet colored sock yarn I bought while in a yarn coma more than five years ago.

Everything, everything looks, smells and tastes better on the beach, and this yarn is no exception. This monkey socks pattern hides many of the
Seven Deadly Yarn Sins ( Pooling, Splitting, Knotting, Bits of Stuck Hay, Undied Spots, Little Knots and Animal Smell).

Tonite: after a few gin and tonics, The Problem of Gauge.

Vacation Crochet

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Saw this vest at Odd in Portsmouth today. Lots of knitting happenin’ during this much needed vacation – reports to follow