Those of you who knit a lot of lace know that there are usually two parts to a lace pattern: the row that establishes the pattern, followed by an alt row, usually a  plain purl row, that acts like a basic building block for your piece.

I always think of that alt row as everything else I do when I am not knitting.

Like this:

  • Row 1: K1 (ssk, yo, k1) 2 times.
  • Row 2: hang out at Mrs. Sacco’s pool with silly teenage girls who are not yet bored with their summer vacation.
  • Row 3: Knit in established pattern for summer birthday gifts but don’t put any pictures on the blog because the recipients will not be surprised.
  • Row 4: go see the Feelies at Maxwells and drink beer:


This picture does not show you how many freakishly tall people attended the show last night, tall people who had to stand as close to the stage as possible.  Even people whom I feel are tallish were dwarfed by these fans.  I had a super fun time, but rocknroll is hard on the knees, and my neck is a little sore from craning to see .  Tonight I will be taking it easy, drinking more beer, watching the fireworks and casting on project number 4 so far this month.