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What a great weekend!  Sun was shining, birdies singing, flowers blooming, estrogen and progesterone in perfect balance – I threw a vintage tablecloth over the laundry pile and pretended it was a Shabby Chic ottoman and went out to play.

You may know, (if you live on my block, for example, and pass the sign every day)  that the first baseball game may have been played right across the street from my house on June 19, 1846.  Our local historical society hosted a vintage recreation game to honor the day, and I organized a Nineteenth Century Stitch n Pitch.

What are the elements of a Nineteenth Century Stitch n Pitch, you might ask?

Also an historical first: a picture of us knitters that no one can complain about:

knitty mamas

The cure for Knitter Slump is garter stitch.  Miles and miles of garter stitch.

Folks, there are few things worse for me than long periods of not-knitting.  I get as sad as one busted DPN in a set of four! I feel uncomfortable and prickly – like cheap acrylic. I sag like over blocked cotton. I’ve had to take a few long breaks over the years for knit related injuries but I’ve never experienced just not wanting to knit before. It was bringing me down.

What cured me is a little quiet time in the knittyworld of Log Cabins.  Here is some of it, in the Maine backyard:

Look out baby, its High Tide

Look out baby, its High Tide

Nobody needs a pattern for a log cabin quilt, and your colors don’t even have to match so it trims down the stash. You can work it on that most perfect size of needles, Size 8.  You can spit splice the ends, which means you won’t feel like taking a break for lunch because everything will taste like lanolin. There is the dreamy cadence of knit knit knit knit knit knit to put you back in the knitty groove.