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It is a universal knitting truth that a regular person can wear nothing made from Ozark Mountain Hand Spun.  (I said a regular person, not you).

I tried to go to work today, even though it was Snowmaggedeon. Again.  There were no buses running in Hoboken, and the PATH is a 10 block walk, and even if I got out of town there is still the matter of two rivers to cross to get to work, where the one remaining place I could get coffee in our remote industrial neighborhood was closed by the Board of Health for not having a working bathroom for staff for over a year.

I had a big ball of Ozark Mountain of the browny-green variety in the yarn-lined fallout shelter that I bought at Downtown Yarns a few years ago.  Downtown Yarns is another one of those places that has good stock in great colors, where I buy one or two skeins of great colored stuff that lingers in the stash for a really long time because they are generally unusable.

After taking a quick turn around the house with my favorite household appliance I settled in with Hattitude, for which I had tramped to the library several blocks out of my way in last night’s frozen fog.  A few pages in I developed a pretty bad hattitude myself; this designer usually has a lot more interesting knitting ideas than you will find in this book.  Some of them are quite horrible, and most of them are boring.

However, she also seems to have a lot of leftover Ozark Mountain Handspun in her stash as evidenced from this book, so loaded up Camille on the tube and cast on Down To Earth from the book, using some leftover Lambspun Pride Bulky for the hat and OMH for the brim.

Emily calls the results “Wood Land Animal”:

Come Hither Little Faun!

Come Hither Little Faun!

No, don’t say you “kind of like it”.  It looks worse up close; I only used a size 11 needle for the brim to make it tight, and the brown yarn locks give look a lot like human hair knitted in there.  Plus OMH usually has some straw in the skein because of the underprocessing, and that adds the nice rustic touch.  Like you passed out in a field wearing this hat.

Well, yes, it was a good project for a snowy day.

Yes, there has been a lot of intensive knitting going on these past few weeks.  Just no pictures of knitting and nothing finished.  I’m deep in the middle of cables, lace, seed stitch and spit splicing ends and hopefully all will soon be revealed.  Or finished. Or just hidden away in the closet.  February is a tough knitting month.  So much yarn is on sale during this time of year, it’s hard to take the time away from shopping for yarn at stores and online to actually knit.

We took a trip to Boston and surrounding environs this weekend to look at some colleges with Emily.  This was emotionally exhausting, mostly because  when Emily goes to college, I will have to divert all that laundry money  from yarn to tuition.  While there were no yarn stores anywhere I looked in Boston,  there was a lot of Shepard Fairey everywhere.

Art is Watching You

Art is Watching You

On Thursday night we ate pizza at a good  place in the North End with a long line outside and red wine served in  big water glasses.  While I was waiting on that long line a handsome man chatted me up and invited me to dinner, too, but I already had a date, not to mention a husband and a child standing next to me so I had to pass.

Still, don’t you like to be asked?

Here’s Emily waiting on line.  Even though it’ll be about a year before she leaves, it’s breaking my heart to think about the whole thing.

Profile in Neon

Profile in Neon

I did have the chance to go to this famous place before we headed home.  They were having a sale too.

Unintentional Punk Rock Yarn Store

Unintentional Punk Rock Yarn Store

When I walked in there, the Gang of Four album Entertainment! was playing really, really loud and I though Wow, this is one rockin’ yarn store.  There wasn’t anything I wanted to buy there even 20% off, but I stayed for a few songs since that is for sure one of the ten albums I’d bring to a desert island, a desert island that had a turntable and electricity. When I complemented the salesclerk (a gray haired contemporary working on two socks at time, toe up, magic loop) on her excellent knitting and DJ skills, she gave me a cold stare and reported that the music was coming from the record store in the basement and that she was more of a Michael Buble person herself.

I’m the primary laundress in this house.  On good days, I don’t mind it – I like to fold clothes but I get bored when it comes to putting them away. I like to match socks.  I also go through pockets and remove all the stuff – pens, guitar picks, those little flash drives and money, put it in nice piles and return it to the laundered.

But no more. Oh, I’ll still give back the scrunchies and the mechanical pencils, but I’m keeping the cash, and converting it into yarn.  I’m keeping a tally there on the right hand side of this blog.

Already though I am in the hole on this deal.  Each year I eagerly await Knitting Nation’s very excellent winter sale, and it is this weekend.  Are you with me, knitting sisters? I’m going to take an advance on the laundry money.  Certainly I will be able to make up the difference over a few weeks by throwing in an extra load or two a week.  I get yarn, you get clean pants.

Everybody wins.