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Some time over the New Year’s Eve weekend, Facebook  mysteriously posted a news feed that I was now married.  I received a  number of emails  from people who know us pretty well claiming surprise that we had waited 20+ years to tie the knot.  I also got a lot of nice congratulatory messages from distant acquaintances on the happy event.  Even the waitress at the place around the corner congratulated us when we went in for dinner.

I don’t  know what the etiquette is for deflecting a compliment given because of cyber-randomness, so I decided to just go with the whole romance of unexpectedly marrying your true love at the very start of a new decade.  I wrote “Just Married” in the steam in the bathroom mirror. I ate some cake.  I knitted my new husband a hat.

This is a great hat for a husband, new or old.  The pattern is Marsan Watchcap and it’s not a Rav link for a change.

Slightly used husband in New hat

Slightly used husband in New hat

The cleverness in this hat is the method for turning the brim. I won’t give away the surprise, but it’s a fun knit even for the most experienced knitter, an elegant and sharp twist on a staple pattern.

A whole week into the New Year and for the first time ever, I have kept a resolution past January 2nd.  Not only have I cast on 4 new projects, and spent cold hard plastic in a yarn store,  I’ve already ripped out two projects due to serious gauge derailments.  There is way to much to be done this year to waste time on funky gauge!

I kept a giant, Christo like wrap and a Debbie Bliss sweater with crazy cables and bobbles, both selected for the serious amount of repetitive knitting that is best accomplished at the start of a new TV season.  If course, there are no pictures yet but I did wear the half finished wrap today out in the cold.  Another big step in 2010: who says it has to be finished before you wear it?

This week brings the return of Project Runway, and I hope at last they’ve seriously considered adding a few knitting challenges to their lineup.  The last season was so dull, an hour or so of watching someone knit, say, stockinette would only liven it up. I’ve decided to cast on some hip and happenin’ fingerless mitts to work on during PR, either these or these.   (Sorry for the Rav links – what, you still haven’t joined Ravelry? You don’t need to be a knitter, go ahead, be the guest).  I’ll also be pretending not to watch Big Love, even though I couldn’t find any patterns for Mormon ritual undergarments on Ravelry.

franknfurter Today, though, brought the premiere of the anticipated-since-I -learned-about-it-yesterday “Return to Cranford”.  I loved           the  original Cranford, and I’ve read the book many times. In fact, you can read it right now if you’ve got a few days. From what I  c an tell, some of the original story remains.There’s an odd bit of casting with Tim Curry playing one of the characters. Do you think he invites Miss Matty Jenkins up to the lab to see what’s on the slab?

I taped it to watch later, but the thought of a new Cranford series makes me shiver with antici-

Most of the last quarter of 2009 was occupied by imagining and executing a vest that maybe Don Draper would wear on a nice fall Saturday. Something like this:

vintage men vests

It was a gift for Brendan for his birthday, and it was a miracle of double blocking and seaming. You can see the front right panel here, but I don’t have a picture of the actual vest itself as of yet.

If I did, I would call your attention to to the almost invisible  seams and excellently placed armhole facing, but I would get an 8 year old to mix me another Manhattan while I bemoaned the inexpert buttonhole situation that could not be remedied.

News Update: here’s the guy, here’s the vest. It looks to me like this picture was definitely taken on a Saturday afternoon.



Onward to this new decade of knitting! As of this minute, I have 468 things I am dying to knit in my Rav queue. If I use my total FO for 2009 of 20 projects, that means that December 31, 2019 I will only be halfway through the list.  I had better get working.

First off there will be a lot more sweaters for adults,  with sleeves, in 2010.  Something with sleeves is the highest expression of a knitter’s regard, so be ready! Hold out your arms over the next few weeks whenever you see me so I can do some measuring.

For sure there will be at least one repeat of the two greatest patterns of 2009, the Springtime in Philadelphia hat and Springtime Bandit scarf.  Such was my regard for them that I did two of each last year.  I found that you can wing it with gauge and yarn for both of those once you get in the rhythm of the pattern and that is what makes a pattern great.

2010 might also be the year I figure out what to do with the immense amount of Noro in my stash. I’m considering making that Lizard Ridgeblanket and I am also thinking there might be enough to make a large felted living room rug. I’m telling you, there’s a lot of Noro in there and absolutely no chance that I can stop buying it when I see it.

And speaking of buying yarn, I’m totally giving up on the idea of working through the stash this year.  I just set myself up to fail every time I resolve to buy less yarn because within 48 hours of making that promise I find myself elbow deep in the Lorna’s Laces at Purl.  I’m a grown woman, for goodness sake, and I love yarn, and that is all there is to it. The heart wants what it wants and this heart wants yarn in 2010.

Last year I also decided to finish a project before I cast on a new one, and I am so over that bit of puritanism.  I love the rush you get from the New Project, the thrill of winding yarn, the frisson of glee when you get the gauge right without swatching and I want more of it in my life.

Get working knitters! And Happy New Year.