Just a quick note to you, dear readers, to let you know I’m back from my blog break. And it was a nice, productive break, thanks for asking! Plenty of knitting, several trips, even a little golf in Maine before I put away the clubs for the winter.  I worked on teaching myself how to navigate WordPress, which seems like it will give me yet another reason to spend a lot of time trolling the internet some creative freedom in putting this blog together.

Mostly this blog will be about knitting in and around my little city. There is a lot of knitting going on all around the town here, everywhere I look.  I grew up here in Hoboken and learned to knit from my grandmother when I was about 6 or 7.    My first projects were beeyootiful party dresses for my many Barbies which were often embellished with buttons and paper mache flowers.  There was a fancy yarn store on 11th Street where my mother once took me to get yarn for some kick ass granny square ponchos, but mostly I got my yarn in the McCrory’s 5 and 10 on Washington Street, where I could also get a hot dog. You couldn’t get a hot dog at the LYS.

A lot of things have changed here,  but a lot still seems the same to me.  You still can’t get a hot dog in the LYS, for example.

More on this later.