Cast On


Onward to this new decade of knitting! As of this minute, I have 468 things I am dying to knit in my Rav queue. If I use my total FO for 2009 of 20 projects, that means that December 31, 2019 I will only be halfway through the list.  I had better get working.

First off there will be a lot more sweaters for adults,  with sleeves, in 2010.  Something with sleeves is the highest expression of a knitter’s regard, so be ready! Hold out your arms over the next few weeks whenever you see me so I can do some measuring.

For sure there will be at least one repeat of the two greatest patterns of 2009, the Springtime in Philadelphia hat and Springtime Bandit scarf.  Such was my regard for them that I did two of each last year.  I found that you can wing it with gauge and yarn for both of those once you get in the rhythm of the pattern and that is what makes a pattern great.

2010 might also be the year I figure out what to do with the immense amount of Noro in my stash. I’m considering making that Lizard Ridgeblanket and I am also thinking there might be enough to make a large felted living room rug. I’m telling you, there’s a lot of Noro in there and absolutely no chance that I can stop buying it when I see it.

And speaking of buying yarn, I’m totally giving up on the idea of working through the stash this year.  I just set myself up to fail every time I resolve to buy less yarn because within 48 hours of making that promise I find myself elbow deep in the Lorna’s Laces at Purl.  I’m a grown woman, for goodness sake, and I love yarn, and that is all there is to it. The heart wants what it wants and this heart wants yarn in 2010.

Last year I also decided to finish a project before I cast on a new one, and I am so over that bit of puritanism.  I love the rush you get from the New Project, the thrill of winding yarn, the frisson of glee when you get the gauge right without swatching and I want more of it in my life.

Get working knitters! And Happy New Year.

It’s a big holiday weekend here in Hoboken, and what would a holiday be without knitting? We even have a city wide parade dedicated to the day, it’s that important.

When Emily was little (I guess she stopped being little last year) I’d start Halloween costume planning in August.  We’d go to the fabric store and peruse the Simplicity catalogs for hours and hours until we decided on just the right witch, or princess, or cat. My favorite year was one where she was a waitress, and instead of buying a waitress uniform at a supply store, I made one from scratch – a miracle of darts, zippers and yellow polyester.

I never ever thought to knit a costume, though, or knit any aspect of it.  If I did, I might have chosen something like this nice furry cat.  Had I known about them, and had the nerve, I for sure would have knitted one of those frightening balaclavas you see on Ravelry from time to time. I never would have knitted these (Note: not for the squeamish and you know who you are).

In fact, I had never seen a knitted costume in the last 20 years I’ve been going to this parade. Not a one.  But this year I set out this year with my camera, and a modest prize (M&M’s) to find the best and possibly first knitted costume at the Ragamuffin Parade.

No sooner did I get a good viewing space near 10th Street did I see this Knitty Little Red Riding Hood!


Okay it’s crocheted, not knitted, but still, hand needlework, right? I’m trying to keep an open mind about crochet these days, I really want to try to be less judgmental about people’s lifestyle choices.  It was a grandma knitted gift, and grandma wasn’t there so I gave the costumed child the candy.

In the spirit of a weekend honoring spirits, I am going to cast on these cool socks. Have a diabolical day!